Since 1995, our coaching mission for wine companies is organized along the following main lines:
  • audit of products ranges, vineyards, technical and humans resources,
  • definition of objectives for sensory profiles and for wine longevity,
  • designing and suggesting procedures for winemaking and aging, to reach previously defined objectives.
The actual implementation of these actions comes with:
  • the writing of detailed winemaking procedures,
  • the regular validation of the objectives at the key steps of winemaking and aging,
  • the survey of competition,
  • the transfer of sensory analysis methodologies, the transfer of scientific and technical knowledges and the transfer of knowledge of international wine markets.

International Coaching

Wine Companies

    • Trapiche (Peñaflor Group), Mendoza
    • Terranoble (estate), Talca
    • Domaine Moujan (estate), Narbonne, Languedoc
    • Mas de Rey (estate), Arles, Provence
    • Univitis (cooperative wineries group), Bordeaux
    • Kaltern (cooperative winery), Alto Adige
    • Manincor (estate), Kaltern, Alto Adige
    • Miceli (négociant & estate), Sicily
    • Pomino (estate of the Marchesi de' Frescobaldi Group's), Tuscany
    • Rossetti (négociant), Tuscany
    • Sannitica (cooperative winery), Abruzzo
    • Terre da Vino (cooperative wineries pool), Piedmont
    • Terre del Barolo (cooperative winery), Piedmont
    • Tollo (cooperative winery), Abruzzo
    • Tramin (cooperative winery), Alto Adige
    • Vie di Romans (estate), Friuli
    • Colli Vicentini (cooperative winery), Veneto
    • Attems (estate), Friuli
    • Bardolino (appellation board), Verona
    • Bolla (négociant), Verona
    • Capichera (estate), Gallura, Sardinia
    • Cavalchina (estate), Verona
    • Di Giovanna (estate), Sicily
    • Fino Gianfranco (estate), Apulia
    • Firriato (winery & négociant), Sicily
    • Fortore (cooperative winery), Apulia
    • Gries-Santa Magdalena (cooperative winery), Alto Adige
    • Plantaze (estate), Podgorica
    • Cortes de Cima (estate), Vidigueira, Alentejo
    • Deuric Winery (estate), Mala Remeta
    • Protos (group), in Ribera de Duero and in Rueda areas
    • Juanico (estate), Montevideo
  • USA
    • Peconic bay (estate) Long Island, New York

Wineries Supply Companies

  • Lallemand inc.
    • International company, yeasts and bacterias producer, supplier of enological yeasts, lactic bacteria, enzymes and nutrients for wineries.
      DIWC's mission: technical support in more than 15 wine-producing countries, R&D support.
  • Parsec
    • Italy. Micro and macro oxygenation devices supplier.
      DIWC's mission: technical support in Italy and Chile.
  • Toneleria Nacional
    • Chile. Barrels and alternative oak wood (chips, blocks, staves) supplier.
      DIWC's mission: technical support in Argentina, France and Chile.


    • Interloire, Loire
    • Consorzio Collio, Friuli
    • Consorzio UVIVE, Veneto
    • Zonin (estates & négociant), Veneto
    • Associaciò Catalana d’Enòlegs, Barcelona
    • Région Castilla Leon
    • Ayudamento de Haro, Rioja
Since 1988, Dominique Delteil provides the Lallemand Group with a triple service: